Thursday, 24 May 2007

Semantic Music Informatics 2.0

Oscar Celma posted the link to the slides of the talks of MIR related talks at the recent AES convention in Vienna (on the music-ir list).

Personally (with respect to my own work) I found the slides by Mark Sandler and Oscar most interesting. Mark describes in 12 slides the context and the goals of Omras2 in a nutshell. I don’t know if Mark has been the first to talk about “Music Informatics” but I really like that term. It seems to be a much better description of what I’ve been calling MIR. (Btw, the fonts on the slides are almost unreadable, but the content is worth putting up with that.)

In his talk Oscar makes several interesting points related to my own work at He gives examples for the limitations of the “wisdom of the crowds” and how content-based technologies can be used to push current limits a bit further. Btw, somehow related are two recent and interesting posts by Paul Lamere on artist recommendation and tags.

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Here are some pictures of the workshop:-)