Saturday, 19 May 2007

ISMIR Reviewing

The ISMIR review deadline is on Monday. On the website they have a nice list showing how much of their work the reviewers have already completed. Next to each reviewer's name there are some smilies (see picture on the right). I got all of mine done, so I got 3 smiles. There are still a large number of reviewers who seem to be waiting until the last moment before submitting their reviews. I hope the acceptance notification is not delayed because of them.

My impression from the papers that I reviewed is that some authors don't seem very concerned about evaluations. In some areas there are currently so many papers that it is impossible to really read all of them. If a paper doesn't offer an evaluation that helps understand how it relates to previous work (and there is lots of previous work on the topics I've reviewed) then I have a very hard time motivating myself to read it :-/

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