Monday, 28 May 2007

CrestMuse Webpage & Video

CrestMuse (the currently biggest MIR related research project in Japan) launched an English version of their project webpage about a month ago. I believe the best part of the web page is the CrestMuse symposium video. The video has been produced very professionally, offers a nice summary of the many aspects of the project, features a native English female narrator, and it even briefly features myself or at least the back of my head (IIRC). Thus, it is well worth the long wait for the download (250MB Mpeg4). My download window says it will take 5 hours until I the download is complete :-/

One of the impressions I got from Japanese researchers is that they are masters of using videos to communicate their work. Wouldn't it be nice if Omras2 would also create similar videos to communicate their work? :-)
And I guess SIMAC's only flaw was that we didn't have such fancy videos.


fabien gouyon said...

Well,... remember that in SIMAC we have a very nice DVD Showcase :-)

Elias said...

Fabien, I know :-)
But did you see the CrestMuse video?