Thursday, 3 May 2007

Recent Events

The MIREX preparation meeting in Vienna organized by Stephen Downie was a big success. Having the chance to discus the various issues in person is definitely a much more efficient approach than the endless flood of emails we had last year. One of the most discussed topics was audio-based music similarity. Respective discussions ranged from the need for a more specific definition of the task to technical details of large similarity matrices. Andreas Rauber’s team and in particular Thomas Lidy did a great job hosting the meeting. MIREX was also mentioned on the Boing Boing blog. Below is a picture of the participants taken by Rainer Typke. More of his pictures can be found here.

Almost at the same time the ICASSP conference took place in Hawaii which was also well attended by MIR researchers. The next get together seems to be the AES122 workshop on Music 2.0 in Vienna which is organized by Oscar Celma and Mark Sandler. (Update: see also this post by Paul Lamere.)
Btw, 214 papers were submitted to ISMIR this year, which is a 17% increase of the previous record which was set last year (183 submissions).

One a side note, Paul Lamere somehow already guessed it: I’m joining I’m starting on Monday will try my best to support the social music revolution :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow thats amasing

Anonymous said...

Elias: You sure it's not tuesday? Monday is a bank holiday :)

/Johan from

Elias said...

Johan, thanks for the hint :-)

Norman already told me that it will be difficult to get into the office tomorrow. But he also promised to send me some stuff so I could start working anyway :-)

Brian Whitman said...

Congrats elias! they've picked the right guy :)