Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Risking our lives for the social music revolution at Last.fm

This one is a bit off topic, but at least it's work related :-)

Today (Monday 28 May a bank holiday in London), around midnight I was alone at Last.fm’s office going through some comments I’ve received from reviewers (for a journal publication on computational models of similarity for drum sounds). It was nice and quiet and peaceful...

At Last.fm we have an IRC channel to communicate; we are always logged on when we are online (also when we’re not in the office). Here’s an excerpt from the IRC chat: (note that all of us have set highlights to important words such as “beer” or “pub” and some other words)

<elias> i think someone just tried to kick the last.fm office door open :-/
<elias> pub beer porn
<elias> ...
<russ> inner one or outer one?
<elias> I'm inside
<elias> there was a hell of a noise at the door
<elias> i went there, saw that part of the door closing system has come off, and there seems to be a hughe crack in the upper part, I'm not sure if that has been there before
<russ> I don't remember any huge cracks before
<elias> I guess I should have a look outside? ... are there any weapons around? :-)
<russ> this is the white one, not the black one right?
<elias> yes
<muz> :/
<russ> there's an electric drill and a pocket knife by my desk

To find out how the storied continued (obviously I have survived), check out blog.last.fm tomorrow.

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