Sunday 7 March 2010

Updated List of MIR PhDs

There's a long-overdue updated version of the list of MIR PhDs. The new entries I've added are Stéphane Rossignol (2000), Juan José Burred (2008), Iman S. H. Suyoto (2008), Matti Ryynänen (2008), Enric Guaus (2009), Claudio Baccigalupo (2009), Klaas Bosteels (2009), Katy Noland (2009), Tim Pohle (2010), and Jouni Paulus (2010). I've also updated some other links. Thanks to everyone who sent me information!!

I've had the pleasure of reading the thesis of Claudio and I can highly recommend it. His enthusiasm is inspiring. It's a great point to start for anyone researching playlist generation.

Another pleasure I've had was to attend the defense of Klaas' thesis. I've been closely following his work for a very long time. I've had the honor to collaborate with him on several occasions, and I'm very pleased that it's him who has taken over some of my previous responsibilities at

I've also been following Katy's and Tim's work for many years. Which makes me wonder how soon until all MIR PhD students I know are done. Until that happens I'll infrequently continue updating this blog and the list.

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claudio said...

Thanks Elias, and keep up the good work, which was inspiring for all of us :-)