Sunday 7 March 2010

Fading Out

I first started learning about MIR around spring 2001. Back then I never would have guessed what a wonderful journey I was about to embark on. The journey had way more highlights than I ever deserved and I'm very grateful to so many people I've met on the journey.

I recently returned to Vienna to be closer to my family and friends again, and to settle down and start a new chapter in Gwen's and my life. Part of this transition has also been switching jobs. I'm in telecommunications now and uncertain if I'll ever return to MIR research.

I'll always continue following all the great stuff that's going on in the community from the side lines - but my already very infrequent blogging frequency is very likely to continue to decrease. When I started writing there was basically just Paul's blog. Now there's still Paul's blog, but also lots of other great MIR related blogs. Some of which are listed in the side bar.


Klaas Bosteels said...

A recent addition worth mentioning is MIR in action, where Mark Levy describes some of the MIR stuff he does at

Elias said...

Thanks Klaas! I've updated the list.