Tuesday 11 December 2007

London Calling

Last.fm is expanding! We are seeking over 20 people to join in on the fun. The complete list is here.

And one of the open positions is related to MIR research! :-)

Btw, have I mentioned that working at Last.fm has been so much fun that I've totally forgotten about updating this blog? We get free organic fruit, we got a table tennis and table soccer table, we get enough data every day to keep our Hadoop clusters busy for hours analyzing it, we get to design and build the next generation of music recommenders and contribute to lots of other fun projects at Last.fm, we got users supplying us with instant feedback on any changes we make, and we also got the Best American pizza place and the Best kebab just around the corner (they actually mention they are the best in their name, so it must be right).

See also my previous post about MIR research at Last.fm.

Somewhat related: Christopher Raphael just posted a tenure-track position at Indiana university. Unfortunately no URL was given, but I guess the position only targets people who have already subscribed to music-ir. It's nice to see so many opportunities in MIR.