Thursday, 20 September 2007

One evening and no testing

It’s been a long and busy day, and it’s taken me a while to go through the flood of emails that landed in my inbox today. Several of those were related to a singing microwave which seems to be at the height of its career.

Another interesting email I found in my inbox explains how the system that scored highest in several MIREX 2007 tasks was built:

“The system was not tuned - in fact it was not tested on any dataset (from the competition or otherwise) beyond making sure it was outputting feature values into its feature files and was in fact cobbled together in one evening.”

Something that has never been tested before, and sounds like a preliminary prototype outperformed them all. Since it hasn't been tweaked yet, the system probably has a very good potential to generalize, and probably can easily be tweaked to add at least another 1 or 2 percentage points accuracy to the genre classification results. That's pretty impressive.

Talking about MIREX I would like to add the following to clarify things I have written in a previous blog post:

I highly value MIREX, it's a driving force behind advances in MIR. I've personally learned a lot from it.

I understand that IMIRSEL has sacrificed a lot to make MIREX happen. It's been an amazing effort organized by Stephen Downie and his team.

I'm sorry my comments on the conflicts of interest issues have been perceived as personal attacks. That was not my intention.

I realize that my previous blog post on the topic should have clearly stated that: I'm fully (and always have been) convinced that no one at IMIRSEL had the intention to cheat. I have absolutely no doubts about that.

However, I'm still fully convinced that IMIRSEL submissions should not be listed in the same ranking as the submission of others.

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