Saturday, 8 September 2007

Good Recommendations

Paul launched a very interesting survey on music recommendations. The results will be presented at their tutorial in 2 weeks at ISMIR and I'm sure presentation slides will be available online after that. I highly recommend participating :-)

Trying to answer the questions I realized how difficult it can be to recommend music given just one artist. Would it be good to recommend someone a rather unknown (= not so popular) artist when they are looking for something similar to an extremely popular artist (like The Beatles)? Or would it be better to recommend similar artists which are also very popular? Btw, in the case of The Beatles, would it really make sense to recommend John Lennon and other members of the group? And if someone is looking for music similar to a not so well known artist, would it make sense to recommend similar but popular artists? Or is it safe to assume that this person already knows these?

Evaluating recommendations is another very interesting topic… and I’m very curious what the outcomes of Paul’s survey will be.

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