Sunday, 3 May 2009 Artist Connections

Playing with similar artist data, trying to connect one artist to another through similar artists:

The Beatles -> John Lennon -> Sean Lennon -> Joseph Arthur -> Howie Day -> Teddy Geiger -> Jonas Brothers

ABBA -> Cher -> Madonna -> Róisín Murphy -> Björk -> Radiohead

Metallica -> Iron Maiden -> Paul Di'Anno -> Numbers From The Beast -> Scott Lavender -> Ark Sano -> Frédéric Chopin -> Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Brian Eno -> Roxy Music -> Bryan Ferry -> Eurythmics -> Annie Lennox -> Madonna -> Britney Spears


Jeremy said...

Very cool. Can we create a musical "7 degrees of Kevin Bacon with this"?

How did you do this? I think it would be cool to see why two consecutive artists are similar. Maybe even make adjustments so that you people could say what cultural and acoustical factors are important to them.

Elias said...

Thanks Jeremy! I'm not sure if computed similarities are comparable to collaborations, but the idea is definitely very similar to six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Given a start and end point, the paths were found searching for similar artists in the top 20 similar artists of a connected artist.

timothy.m said...
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