Monday, 6 April 2009

Recent MIR PhDs

I'm slowly catching up. The following dissertations were added to the list of MIR PhDs:

"Real Time Automatic Harmonisation" by Giordano Cabra. I couldn't find a link to the thesis, but I found a video of the defense. I'd love to see more defense videos (preferably in English).

"Modeling musical anticipation: From the time of music to the music of time" by Arshia Cont.

"Music Recommendation and Discovery in the Long Tail" by Oscar Celma. I highly recommend it!

"From Sparse Models to Timbre Learning: New Methods for Musical Source Separation" by Juan Jose Burred.

UPDATE: I totally missed Yves' announcement on the Music-IR list on Friday. I've added him now too:

"A Distributed Music Information System" by Yves Raimond.

UPDATE 2: Almost forgot that Kris finished recently too:

"Novel Techniques for Audio Music Classification and Search" by Kris West.

Please send me any I might have missed - thanks!

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