Tuesday, 16 September 2008

ISMIR Thoughts

Inspired by Paul's constant flow of ISMIR blog posts I thought I should give it a try and post some thoughts as well.

First of all, the organizers did a wonderful job organizing ISMIR. I already wrote about what I think about the electronic proceedings. I was also very happy to see that they did not waste unnecessary resources and skipped the silly conference bag thing.

I very much enjoyed giving the social tags tutorial with Paul. It worked out really well, and although I knew Paul's slides since weeks, I found it fascinating to listen to Paul talk about them.

So far ISMIR has by far exceeded my expectations. I've had the pleasure to meet many in person that I previously hadn't had the opportunity to meet. I've also had the pleasure to see many very interesting posters. Unfortunately I've also managed to miss many that I wanted to see. I guess there's never enough time to see everything.

Last night's banquet was great too. In particular I enjoyed the conversations with Etienne from Pandora.

The recommendation panel today was fun, too.

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