Tuesday, 5 February 2008

2 PhDs and 1 MSc

Matthew Davies recently made his PhD (Towards Automatic Rhythmic Accompaniment) available online.

Arturo Camacho recently announced on the music-ir list that his PhD (SWIPE: A Sawtooth Waveform Inspired Pitch Estimator for Speech and Music) and the corresponding Matlab code are available online.

Claudia Wronski recently finished her Master's thesis (in German) on "Die veränderten Zugriffsmöglichkeiten auf die Ressource Musik РAuswirkungen auf das Kauf-, Nutzungs- und Rezeptionsverhalten der Musikkonsumenten" (freely translated: the changing access to music and its impact on shopping and consumption habits of music listeners). She covers topics such as how the music culture is changing, the crisis of the music industry, the long tail, the emancipation of artists, and the future of music.

Claudia is an active Last.fm user, and has successfully been leading a very interesting user group: The Special Interest Tag Radio Collective.

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Claudia said...

Thanks for mentioning me :-)