Sunday, 10 June 2007

Digital Libraries of Music

Last Wednesday I enjoyed a talk by David Bainbridge at the C4DM about the Greenstone digital library project. David and his team have been developing it for 12 years, and they seem to have been well ahead of their time. The talk inspired me to start dreaming of the ultimate capoeira music digital library. Thousands of capoeira songs and their variations and interpretations (from all well known masters from various capoeira schools) available at a single click, full length audio, rhythm and melody annotations, lyrics and their translations. It would also be great to have wiki style discussions of the meanings and origins of the respective lyrics, links to similar songs (similar with respect to the style, lyrics, melody, rhythm), pictures of people who created them, or even videos of them performing them, …

Even though capoeira music is just a tiny subset of music in general it seems like putting all this information together would be a huge project. The hardest part would probably be to gather the recordings, if they exist at all. As far as I know many songs have already died because they were never recorded or written down :-/

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