Thursday, 1 March 2007

Recent PhDs

Bee SuanNickRainerSebastianJan-Mark

5 PhDs were recently added to the list of MIR PhDs: Nicholas M. Collins, Sebastian Streich, Bee Suan Ong, Rainer Typke, and Johann-Markus Batke. Sebastian and Bee Suan have joined Yamaha in Japan. Rainer has joined the legendary intelligent music processing group at OFAI (who will be co-organizing ISMIR this year).

It seems like this year the number of completed PhDs could be higger than in any previous year. Other candidates in the queue include Enric Guaus, Roy Pierre, Kris West, Perfecto Herrera, Adam Berenzweig and many more.

BTW, Thomas Lidy recently completed his Master's thesis. The title is "Evaluation of New Audio Features and Their Utilization in Novel Music Retrieval Applications" (PDF). Thomas has been active in the MIR community (publishing at ISMIR and participating in MIREX for the last two years). He is a core team member of Andreas Rauber's group who will be co-organizing ISMIR this year.

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